The spectacular Southwest Florida sunshine offers pristine opportunity to enjoy the abundant sports available all year long.

You would think that in Southwest Florida, sports would be limited to golf, tennis and
fishing, but just not so. There is baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey, archery, cycling, running, beach volleyball and the newest craze of boarders, bladers and bikers, just to
name a few.

The many parks and arenas that are being built just for these sports prove that
Southwest Florida has everything you need to fill every sports crazed desire.

In other areas of the U.S., the seasons will often dictate your sporting events as well as participation, but Southwest Florida and its well known beautiful weather, offers year long playtime. Of course the sports spectator has much to choose from with our Mecca of minor leagues and tournaments of all types that come to compete here in our beautiful Southwest Florida sunshine.

Whether your sports craving can only be filled with your participation or if you’re a die-hard sports fan of the many games and tournaments throughout the year, Southwest Florida plays the game and wins.

Southwest Florida Sports
Super Basketball Night - Date: August 26, 2016 6:00 PM
Location: Bonita Springs - Pastor Art Carpio of the Philippines will be at Gospel, Friday, at 6:00 pm for some basketball! He is known for his athletic ministry. Come ready to play!
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